PP - Project Partner

Founded in 2011, the Clinical Department of Medical, Surgical and Health Sciences of the University of Trieste promotes teaching and training activities in the health field in agreement with the University Hospital "Ospedali Riuniti ” of Trieste, with the IRCCS Burlo Garofolo and with the ASS n.1 Triestina. In addition to the qualification of the teaching activities and the courses internationalization implementation, the Department objectives are:

  • strengthening of techno-biological research applied to the clinic;
  • he translationality and promotion of research ranging from basic research in molecular genetics to applied research in the field of specialist clinical medicine and general and specialist surgery;

The fields of interest of the Unit are the molecular study of tumors and their clinical implications, in order to identify the most appropriate experimental models for the discovery and study of new treatments.

The Pathological Anatomy Unit is involved in a wide number of projects with national and international research institutions, focusing on the development of new anticancer drugs and their new combinations.

Strada di Fiume, 447 Trieste, Italy (presso Ospedale di Cattinara)